Garganelli Pasta With Scallops, Tomatoes And Green Beans

15 mins recipes

Ready in 15 min
Difficulty : 1
Garganelli Pasta with Scallops, Tomatoes and Green Beans

Ingredients for 4 people

- 280g Garganelli pasta
- 60g chopped scallops
- 120g green beans
- 100g cherry tomatoes
- basil to taste
- 1 ¾ cup of vegetable broth
- 1 medium shallot
- 1 tbsp olive oil 


Chop the scallops into small squares (about half a centimeter on each side), cut the cherry tomatoes in half, the green beans into cubes and the basil into thin strips (julienne). Then finely mince the shallot and brown in the pot with olive oil. Add the scallops, a dash of white wine, salt and pepper. Finally, add the green beans, tomatoes and garganellipasta. Sauté everything together and add boiling vegetable broth at the end. Cover the pot and cook for 8 minutes, starting from when the pot whistles.

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